Pictures of the Camp Grounds, June 3, 2007

These pictures were taken when the AKDW Karate Camp grounds were being prepared for the upcoming camps.
Please join me for a walking tour around the perimeter of the camp.
Of course there are no pictures in the areas used for the Combat Course. That must remain elusive.

Looking back towards the headquarters buildings. This road follows the edge of the Combat Course area, to the right in the picture, on the east side of the camp.
Moving south again, we come to the Tent Adviser/Martial Arts Store Building. When camp is in session, a Black Belt Instructor is at this building at all times, overseeing the area, and ready to handle questions and emergencies. Brown Belts have been camping to the left of the building and the colored belts straight ahead and spread out to the trees at the far end of the field.
The front side of the Tent Adviser Building, and to the left is the Bathroom/Shower Building.
Proceeding along the trail, south again, and thinking how this this area will soon be filled with colored belt tents.
To the left, east, of the trail, and just past the Brown Belt Tents, we see in the distance the Climbing Wall.
Just a bit farher along, again to the left of the trail, is the PRT (Physical Readiness Training) Course.
Proceeding on, we are approaching the Meditation Area.
Arriving at the outer Meditation Area.
Looking around in this open Meditation Area.
There are a number of bird houses in the area. Did you see the one on the left is occupied by a tree swallow?
Just in case you couldn't find the swallow in the bird house, here is a closer look.
The entrance to the original Meditation Area in the woods.
A nice stone path leads into the area. There is a noticeable temperature drop in here.
This is a great place to come, sit down, relax, and meditate especially if the weather is hot.
Nice open area with plenty of seating and what will be small Japanese-type pavillion.
More benches to meditate and relax.
A nice little brook adds to the ambience.
Crossing the babbling brook, we can get a full view of the entire Meditation Area in the woods.
From the top of the hill across the brook, we have another panoramic vie of the Meditation Area.
Leaving the Meditation Area, we follow the trail to the left, east, to cross the brook and head toward the Labyrinth.
The trail across the back meadow leading to the Labyrinth.
We reach the Labyrinth. Slowly, quietly, we can walk the path of the Labyrinth to reach the center and pause and reflect for a few moments.
Anoher view of the Labyrinth from the hill on the right, south, side of the entrance.
When half-way through the Labyrinth, opposite the entrance, one has a choice of continuing through the labyrinth or deviating to take the path to the back area.
The path takes us through a more overgrown, primitive area ...
... and leads us to a nice clearing in the wooded area.
This open area might be a nice location to just sit and meditate on the stone bench, or it could be used for practicing a palgay or basic forms.
Retracing our steps, we return to Labyrinth to continue our meditative walking the path.
We now leave the Labyrinth, returning toward the Meditation Area
Again, passing by the outdoor Meditation Area
Heading back toward the main camp area while thinking that soon the to the left will be covered with tents of the colored belt students
This time we take a few moments to look over the area of the PRT equipment.
The conclusion of the PRT course to swing over a water pit, releasing the rope to land on the opposite, and run up the hill to ring the victory bell.
Near the PRT, we find the Climbing Tower. During camp the climbing stones are bolted on all four walls, and the students have classes to teach the proper techniques and safety procedures to do wall climbing. Did you notice that the one wall extends out at the top? This could give a bigger challenge!
Returning toward the top of the camp area on this beautiful Spring day, we notice all the blooming trees, and the light fragance they produce.
Turning around we see that we are approaching the Headquarters Building and the Black Belt Instructors area Many camp classes will be held on this open area.
We reach Headquarters and Black Belt area to finish our tour. When camp is in session the flag poles will be flying the American, Canadian, and AKDW flags.
We turn around for one more panoramic view of the camp grounds before leaving.

We hope you have enjoyed this brief tour through the empty camp and will return to participate in the camp.

See you at Camp!

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