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Fact: In the United States a violent crime occurs every 17 seconds!

Fact: Up to 50,000 children disappear each year.

S.A.F.E. (Self-Awareness For Everyone) Programs are designed for children and adults. Seminars are taught by certified Black Belt instructors who are trained in awareness and avoidance skills as well as break away and escape techniques. Lessons are presented in a professional and courteous manner and are educational and non-competitive.

The S.A.F.E. Program for children is a 40 to 45 minute program that teaches children to use awareness skills in recognizing possible dangerous situations and ways to avoid them. The program also shows children what to do if they are actually grabbed.


Demonstrating to students that real self-defense is avoiding questionable or risky situations.

Teaching awareness as a primary self-defense skill.

Responsibility - A person needs to be responsible at all times in order to keep themselves safe.

Voice - Using the voice as a weapon. Saying "no" loudly and if grabbed yelling the word "fire".

Tell Someone - Emphasizing that children should tell their parents or someone they trust immediately if they are suspiciously approached, bothered or touched.

Practice - The practice of simple techniques, such as yelling or running, is very important. It lessens the possibility that the child will freeze up in a real encounter.

Why Risk It? - Whenever there is even a slight possibility of danger the child should always ask the question "why risk it"?


- Child walking on a street is asked directions from a motorist.

- Best methods of walking down a sidewalk.

- Child is approached by stranger asking for help.

- Child is grabbed and uses circular moves to escape while yelling fire.

- Child is urged by companion to take shortcut home.

- Child is home alone and answer the telephone.

- Child is home alone and a person knocks on the front door.

S.A.F.E. Program tips:

- Why risk it?

- Run anytime.

- Walk facing traffic, if possible.

- Names on clothing should not be visible.

- Drop books to escape.

- Do not stop to give directions.

- Don't take shortcuts unless parents know.

- Become a "tough target."

- Be aware.

- Avoid.

- Have a code word.

- Have a plan.

- Never get into a car.

- Always resist.

A S.A.F.E. team consists of male and female instructors who demonstrate scenarios and instruct children.

In compliance with New York State Education law Section 803-A

For additional information write S.A.F.E. Program, Box 151, Watertown, New York 13601 or call 315-788-8402.

Pictures from AKDWK SAFE programs

The innovative SAFE mobile serves to make the scene more realistic. Students are taught NEVER to approach a strange car

Children are taught to drop to the ground, kick at the lower legs, and shout "Help", "Fire", or "Stranger".

Master Lawlor addresses students at one of the many SAFE programs taught in school systems in the Northeast United States

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