General Requirements For Belt Levels

Students who are selected for testing must be able to execute with combat speed all techniques required for the belt for which they are being tested. They are required to know all techniques for any belts below the rank for which they are testing. During testing all techniques must be executed with full speed and power. Persons under 18 years are classified as junior ranks and wear a white stripe on their belt.

White Belt (8th Gyup)

Orange Belt (For person under 13 years)

Yellow Belt (7th Gyup)

Green Belt (6th Gyup)

Blue Belt (5th Gyup)

Purple Belt (4th Gyup)

Brown Belt (3rd Gyup)

Brown Belt (2nd Gyup - Black Stripe)

Brown Belt (1st Gyup - 2 Black Stripes)

Brown Belt (1st Gyup - 3 Black Stripes)

Black Belt (1st Degree)

*Position paper not required for Junior Ranks. Instead, martial arts related readings and research theme will be completed. A community centered leadership project will also be fulfilled within a designated period of timeas advised by the Director of the class.

"General Requirements For Belt Levels" is an excerpt from American Kang Duk Won KARATE by Robert C. Lawlor and Frank A. Palumbo, Jr.

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